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Save Time and Money by Hiring a Pool Professional

Owning a swimming pool during the warmer months is a great luxury. Being able to escape the heat and stresses of the world in your own back yard is amazing. However, who has time to keep their swimming pool water and backyard area spotless? Luckily, if pool maintenance doesn’t fit in your busy schedule, we can help keep your maintain your pool to its optimum all year round.

Water Testing Kit


It is true that you can purchase pool chemicals from large supermarket and hardware chains, but do you know exactly what the contents of those chemicals are? Many pool chemicals bought at these stores consist of chemicals that your pool may not need and fillers to keep the price low. However, some of these fillers can actually affect the pool water adversely and ruin the pool finish.

Murwillumbah Pool Shop uses industry leading swimming pool chemicals. These chemicals are not filled with extras and only contain effective sanitizers, algae preventers, and water clarifiers.  Using the best chemicals will help to keep your pool water clean.

Storing pool chemicals can be extremely bothersome. How many times have you bought swimming pool chemicals at the end of the season and then stored the chemicals for the spring? Did the chemicals do the job and clean the pool water? Probably not. Not properly storing and using expired pool chemicals can be expensive and ruin the swimming pool. Using the services of Murwillumbah Pool Shop will ensure that only the freshest and highest quality chemicals are used in your pool. This allows the chemicals to do what they are intended to do. The proper balance of the pool chemicals will balance your swimming pool water quicker and more effectively.

Cleaning The Skimmer


The on-site service offered by Murwillumbah Pool Shop does much more than just clean and add chemicals to your swimming pool. We also make inspections of the swimming pool’s structural integrity and parts. This is important because catching a defective part earlier can cut overall cost to repair the defective part. Imbalance of swimming pool chemistry can affect more than the pool water. The pool interior finish can begin to leach and become discolored. Murwillumbah Pool Shop can perform a Leak Detection Test to see if there is a problem with the pool’s structural integrity. An inspection by a swimming pool professional will diagnose any problems with the swimming pool and help come up with an action plan to save you valuable money. Proper swimming pool inspections can detect a need for repairs including:

  • Resurfacing
  • Equipment replacement
  • Filter and Pump repairs
  • Valve repairs
  • Heater and motor repairs
  • Plumbing repairs


Pool Professional

When preparing your pool for the spring or closing it up for the winter, why not enlist the services of a pool professional. During a typical pool opening, our maintenance professional will remove and fold the pool cover, reassemble the filter tank and pump, ladders and rails, start and check the filter system, write a chemical analysis of pool water, and add initial shock treatment to the pool. During a closing, our maintenance professional will winterize the pump, filter and heater, winterize lines, add chemicals and replace the pool cover. This will save you valuable time and money in the long run.

Remember, you can actually watch and ask questions of the pool professional while they are servicing your swimming pool. They can show you how to test the pool water chemistry with test strips and what to look for around the equipment pad and filter.

Clean Beach Entry Pool

Today, we are always busy and have extremely full schedules. If you have a swimming pool that is not correctly maintained you may be sacrificing more than just your swimming pool water. You could actually be damaging the structural integrity of the pool without even knowing it.  Employing the services of Murwillumbah Pool Shop to come and maintain your swimming pool can save you money, time and hassle. We can make that extra time for you to be enjoying your backyard swimming pool.

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